Thank you for choosing HETCH.

HETCH, a branding that is powered by IN & EX HOLDINGS SDN. BHD. A group of

companies since 1994 and in 25 years of vast experiences with ONE MISSION, we

committed to take part of empowering and inspire people to live a more comfortable,

convenient, connected and healthier lifestyle.

To achieves our mission and commitment, HETCH started with it household electrical

appliances that covered each and every of your home usage area. For cleaning, kitchen

until your health and personal care series.

For cleaning, we begin from your bedroom, living hall and any object that produced or

make by fabric and cotton materials at any area, for a time frame of usage, those materials

may cuase harmful to you and your loves one especially on skin, breathing system and

health because it will be full of dust mite, bed bug (If any), airborne allergens, e.coli,

salmonella and staphylococcus bacteria. Please be aware that you can’t see it but doesn’t

mean that not exist!

For you to fully eliminate this threats, proceed further your understanding at HETCH “UV

Vacuum Cleaner” at our Vacuum Cleaner Series.

For others cleaning purposes, you may choose our other models of vacuum series such as

Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Vacuum & Steam Mop, Cordless Vacuum and

Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner.

HETCH kitchen inspiration, quick food or healthy food, no matter what your needs on your

diet, we offers your individual and loves one solution, find out more at our Kitchen Series

Products such as: Induction & Halogen Cooker, Air Fryer, Pressure Cooker, Rice

Cooker, Blender & Soup Maker, Nutrition Processor, Steamboat, Cookware Set, Food

Chopper, Stand Mixer and more…..

Find out which type of cook you are and which appliance suits you the most.

For your personal care, why hassle yourself to do record manually? HETCH “Body Fat

Hydration Monitor Scale” to solve your problems, it’s a electronic precision weighing scale

which operated by 4 intelligent sensors and with built in memory chip which can store up to

12 different user or 12 times usage record as your reminder.

Clog, haze, infection, airborne particles, dust and bad odor can be very harmful to our

health when it take parts in surrounding area and especially in our home. Let our

Air Purifiying System with UV, Ionizer technology, HEPA Filter and Bad Odor Reduction

System return and recover for you and loves one a healthy, natural and fresh air and

enviroment. Locate it in our Health & Personal Care Series.

With high-quality Product, combination of latest technologies, reasonable price lines, and

friendly after sales services, HETCH always looking forward to serve you better.